Waterschap Vechtstromen

Waterschap Vechtstromen (NL-before Regge & Dinkel) is lead partner of the DROP project and involved in the nature pilot. The authority is located in the east of the Netherlands and responsible for the management of water and treatment of wastewater in the Twente region. In summer time, about 90% of the small streams in the region of Northeast Twente carry too little or no water. This affects nature areas as well as agricultural production. The question is how to best serve both nature and agriculture while adapting to an increase of drought. In the DROP project, the authority tests and implements measures to better manage droughts in and near nature areas. The following pilot measures are foreseen:

  • Testing of a level-dependent drainage system near a nature conservation area
  • Research and pilot measures for reducing surface run-off
  • Research on how raising the level of brook beds affects macro fauna
  • Development and implementation of the water planner providing information to interested land users
  • Restructuring and restoring streams and brooks at various locations

Pitch of Koen Bleumink – projectleader

The measures are directly connected to previous and ongoing projects, such as a project for Agricultural Development (Landbouw op Peil) and a nature-oriented project Back to the Source (Terug naar de Bron). The Province of Overijssel co-finances measures that are realized in Northeast Twente through its programmatic plan for the region (Gebiedsontwikkeling Noordoost Twente).  The nature pilot is implemented with Somerset County Council (United Kingdom). Drought experts of both organizations participate in six exchanges during which potential measures are designed, discussed and evaluated. The governance team of the DROP project will visit the region twice to define and evaluate the regional governance setting for drought adaptation measures.

As lead partner of the DROP project, the water authority is responsible for the overall management of the project and for reporting towards the main project sponsor: the Interreg IVB programme. Before the DROP project, the authority was lead partner of the Interreg IIIB project “Joint Approach for Managing Flooding (JAF)” and of the Interreg IVB project “Water is Valuable for Everybody (WAVE)”

For more information about this partner, visit the website of waterschap Vechtstromen (www.vechtstromen.nl).