Wasserverband Eifel-Rur

Wasserverband Eifel-Rur (DE) is located in the west of Germany and involved in the freshwater pilot. In the catchment of the Eifel-Rur, water reservoirs were built to control the effects of flooding. They were often shaped as filled constructions with a stream/river flowing through the basin as a stream. Stillwater in these reservoirs always bears the risk of eutrophication with effects, such as, algal blooms. Due to climate change, longer dry and sunny periods are projected, implying that this problem will increase. In case of small reservoirs, this problem may be solved by segregating the stream from the basin. The retention capacity lost by this measure can be regained by restoring the stream partly. In case of big reservoirs, such as the ones in the catchment area of the Rur, disconnecting the reservoir from the river is no option. With a total capacity of 300 million m3 they have an important role in flood control. This retention volume cannot be replaced by a near–natural reconstruction of the river course. Hence, adapting to climate change is only feasible by adapting the management of the dams.

Pitch Antje Goedeking – projectleader

The pilot focuses on the following measures:

  • Disconnecting the “Flood control basin Uersfeld” (a small reservoir) from the Amstelbach River (located in the rural area north of the city of Aachen) to reduce eutrophication and siltation problems in dry periods.
  • Study on the water quality of the system of large reservoirs (serving multiple purposes, including drinking water) in the upper catchment of the Rur for long and dry periods

For the implementation of the freshwater pilot, the authority closely collaborates with Water Management Institute of Vilaine (France). Drought experts of both organizations participate in six exchanges during which potential measures are designed, discussed and evaluated. The governance team of the DROP project will visit the region twice to define and evaluate the regional governance setting for drought adaptation measures.

For more information about this partner, visit the website of Wasserverband Eifel-Rur www.wver.de.