University of Manchester

University of Manchester (UK) participates in the DROP project with its Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI). This interdisciplinary research institute undertakes research on environmental sustainability, climate change and consumption. Drawing from a range of disciplines, the institute aims at helping governments, charities, citizens, business and NGOs moving towards more environmentally sustainable living. Alison Browne is a Research Fellow at the SCI with a research track record on water use and drought issues in the UK and Australia.

Film of Alison Browne – Environmental Social scientist

In the DROP project, the institute contributes as members of the governance team to the further development of the governance assessment tool for drought adaptation in a European context. In addition, the team visits all six regions of the practice partners twice: in Autumn 2013 and Spring 2014. The purpose of these visits is to identify what aspects of the regional governance contexts support or restrict drought adaptation measures. The results will be laid down in various reports ((inclusively report governance assessment) and discussed in transnational meetings.

For more information about this partner, visit the website of the Sustainable Consumption Institute: