University Francois Rabelais

University Francois Rabelais (FA) is based in Tours and conducts teaching and research activities in a wide range of domains varying from social sciences, economics, health to technology. As member of the governance team, the university closely collaborates with IRSTEA and with the University of ‘Paris Est Créteil Val de Marne’ (where one of its key experts recently moved to). The university has collaborated with the University of Twente and Ecologic Institute in previous projects focusing on water governance.

Isabelle La Jeunesse – projectleader

As member of the governance team, University Francois Rabelais contributes to the further development of the governance assessment tool for drought adaptation in a European context. In addition, the team visits all six regions of the practice partners twice: in Autumn 2013 and Spring 2014. The purpose of these visits is to identify what aspects of the regional governance contexts support or restrict drought adaptation measures. The results will be laid down in various reports ((inclusively report governance assessment) and discussed in transnational meetings.

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