National DROP End Event in Brussels

foto vmm juni 2016On the 19th of May the National End Event for Flanders was held in Brussels with the project ambassador Kor Van Hoof from the cabinet of Joke Schauvliege, the Flemish minister for the environment and representatives from the Coordination Committee on Integrated Water Policy as national observer. Furthermore there were representatives from VMM (Flemish Environment Agency), MINA-raad (environment and nature council), Boerenbond (a farmers’ association), Natuurpunt (a nature organization), and ACV (a union).

Results of the VMM technical pilot and the Governance Assessment were presented and discussed along with possible future VMM initiatives centred on drought. It became apparent that there is a need to address drought issues in Flanders and several specific actions have already been taken. However, further integration of these measures and drought policy between different sectors such as drinking water, agriculture, industry and between drought and flood management is needed. Furthermore, communication on drought and drought policy can be better targeted to achieve a larger awareness.