Region: Twente | Partner: Vechtstromen

Implementation projects, in combination with two investigations (1. Surface run-off, 2. Leveldependent drainage). The projects are about restructuring brooks and land. Projects are implemented under the header ‘Water Collectief Twente’ by partner Vechtstromen.



Level-dependent drainage around nature conservation areas as a buffer measure

In the present study, we intend actually constructing a system of level-dependent drainage and/or shallow intensive drainage, in combination with raising the drainage basis and/or surface water level in the hydrological influence area of a small water-depleted nature conservation area. The aim is to better serve both nature and agriculture from the hydrological perspective – definitely during long periods of drought – while preventing water damage as much as possible. The project is at Duivelshof (a small nature conservation area in Northeast Twente that are surrounded by water-depleted area of intensive agriculture)