About DROP

Water scarcity and drought are on the increase and expected to aggravate further due to climate change. Early actions are required to adapt to these changes. The transnational project ’Benefit of governance in DROught adaPtation (DROP)’ aims to enhance the preparedness and resilience of Northwest European (NWE) regions to such periods of drought and water scarcity. Transnational collaboration helps to achieve these objectives by developing better solutions in a more efficient manner. DROP is a transnational project and integrates knowledge from science, policy and practice. The project is implemented through collaboration between six regional water authorities (practice partners) and five knowledge institutes (knowledge partners).


What will be done?

The knowledge partners of DROP will develop an existing governance assessment tool further and apply the tool in the six regions of the participating water authorities. This assessment will show what aspects of the various regional governance settings support or restrict drought and water scarcity measures. The practice partners will implement and test innovative concrete measures focusing on specific drought and water scarcity problems related to nature, agriculture and freshwater supply. The project will aid other NWE regions through the development of tools, support and guidance that can be of beneficial use in the process of adapting to drought and water scarcity situations, which are likely to increase in NWE in the near future.

When do we expect to have results?

The project began in January 2013 and will continue until the end of June 2015. We expect the first results of the governance assessment tool in 2013. In 2014, we will have the final results of the governance assessment. This includes the assessments in various regions and also a practical guide on how to use the tool. The majority of the project results will be implemented in 2014 and will be integrated into a handbook. The handbook, including a synthesis of the main project results and transferable lessons, will be available mid-2015.


General presentation DROP (Joanne Vinke-De Kruijf)